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Injury & Rehabilitation

This appointment is for anyone with pain, new or old injury and want to get back to activity. 

First start with an initial assessment if this is your first time coming to Kore Athletic Therapy. 

All the other sessions book a follow up appointment. 

These appointments are for any injury to the musculoskeletal system which are the muscle, bone, ligament, tendon.  It is also for concussion therapy. 

Initial Assessment

- First appointment at Kore Athletic Therapy
- one-on-one sessions

- 1 hour
- $100+GST
- Custom home program and care to follow, with video and discriptions

Follow Up Appointment

- Any Follow Up care after the initial assessment
- one-on-one sessions

- 1 hour
- $90+GST
- Continuous and advancement of program to reach your goals

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