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Book a FREE Bracing Appointment to get started

Key Features

  • Reproduces and replicates the natural movement of the knee

  • Lightest knee brace in the world

  • Perfect fit on all morphologies - Scanned and 3D printed

  • No migration

  • The OA brace also helps with knee realignment and unloading methods

  • Discreet & hyper low profile design

Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 11.51.52 AM.png
  • Get brace within 2 weeks

  • Pick up and fitting done as soon as brace arrives

  • No Need to Travel to Edmonton!

Brace cost $1680 tax included.  No extra cost for the brace consultation and scanning appointments. 
*Most braces are covered by insurance, contact them to get all the details. 

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